The tire setter sold at the shopping mall. Tire setter premium 1.

It's installed on the product so that it can be processed in various ways.

These are option parts.

There's a 1.95mm hole in the center of the shaft that can be fitted with a mini sand dune screw.

There's a stop screw to fix the screw, so it's for mini sandpaper.

Screws and hexagonal shafts can be secured.

At the end of the shaft, the M2 tab is processed so that the screw doesn't come out.

It can be fixed and almost all parts can be fixed on the tire setter.

Because of this, it makes it possible to process various parts other than wheels.

The price of the tire setter could be burdensome because only the tires could be processed.

There were some, but you can use optional parts to process various parts.

It can be used as a very inexpensive and compact mini shelf.

Please use Bitam, which is sold at the shopping mall, for cutting processing.

I'm using the high-performance chip of "KYOCERA" made in Japan.

It's also good for plastic parts and metal products for mini sand dunes.

It shows the processing ability.



This is when the reinforced screw for mini sand dunes is processed.
"Beat arm 75' & 35'" Using the 45' part of the product,

The head of the screw can be processed into a plate shape.

Fix the M2 tap part and the stop screw firmly from the left and right.

It controls the shaking to the limit in a way that holds it down

Accurate processing is possible.

This is an enlarged picture after processing.

It looks very precise and clean.

The disadvantage was that it took too long to get in line.

The products on the ready-made day of the mini shelf can only be processed with a few reinforced screws.

If the weather gets dull quickly, or if it's at a 45-degree angle,

Since there was no day when it was made, the processing of the reinforced screw flat head was very...

It was a difficult task.


But the combination of the tire setter and the bit arm, at an accurate angle.

I process it when I get used to it.

It shows the processing speed that only takes tens of seconds.

This is a picture mounted on a plate.

This is a picture of a regular screw processed into a plate screw shape.

Compared to the regular screws, the size of the head part of the screw is...

Because it's small, you don't have to think deeply about the carbon plate.

The screw head is hidden to help improve the strength of the plate.


This is what it was used to remove gear resistance.
Using a hexagonal shaft and an aluminum spacer,

Fix it.

Pink crown gear is 30' beat arm.

The pink spur gear used a 46' bitarm.

This is what it was used to process pinion gears.

In this way, aluminum spacers

It can also be used for processing.

As shown in the picture below, there's also mortar processing.

You can use it.

Precautions for Products -

When you install this shaft, you can use the washer as shown in the picture.

Please make sure to wear it.

Product composition.

One multi clamp shaft.

1 stop screw for fixing parts (M3 x 4 mm)

One hexagon wrench for stopping.

One spacer for shaft pulley.

Part screws (M2 x 40mm plate) 2 pieces